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What do we do?

Connect2Women is a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to reach greater heights, impacting through quality professional and personal development that includes leadership training, mentoring, and negotiating skills training, all while engaging them with interactive workshops and training through an annual conference and frequent regional connection opportunities.


Why do we do it?

This organization is dedicated to contributing to the ongoing success of Wyoming women! Connect2Women offers mindful, relevant, and unique content that benefits women directly, but also their teams, organizations, and families. When women participate in a Connect2Women workshop or event, they will return stronger, more confident, and more mindful leaders. 

“I really could see the clear intention to foster encouragement and getting outside of your comfort bubble of friends/familiar faces. I also greatly valued the vulnerability in the messages of the strong, brave women who spoke."  —PAST ATTENDEE

How do we know it works?

We know Connect2Women's approach works because of the overwhelming feedback we receive that tells us so! But don't just take our word for it. Research recently published in the Harvard Business Review found that well-curated women's conferences can increase both attendees' income and optimism. By working with the Conference for Women, researchers Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor sought “to test the long-term effects of uniting women.” When comparing attendees to people who registered but had not yet attended (the control group), attendees were twice as likely to receive a promotion within a year of the conference and were three times as likely to get a 10%+ pay increase. 

Our vision 

Uniting women to celebrate, inspire and be inspired, mentoring others to become exceptional leaders for our current and future communities. 

Our goals 

INSPIRE yourself to consistently reach higher, learn new skills, and achieve all you can  

ENGAGE yourself with an energetic group of trailblazers on the heels of our current leaders  

IMPACT yourself and others through personal and professional development, sharing the ways we are    the same, celebrating the ways we are all different 

Meet the C2W Board of Directors

Kate bio.jpg


High Ground Coaching and Development;

Founder and Executive Director,



Branch Manager,



Regional Director of Sales, Safari Timberline Hospitality LLC

Ercella 2021 (1).jpg

Insurance CSR/Producer,

Elevate Insurance Wyoming

Victoria Ziton.jpeg

Community Relations Manager,

Food Bank of Wyoming


If this sounds like the opportunity you've been seeking, download an application to serve Connect2Women! Email your completed application to

Board Service

We are all very busy, but you could be just who we're looking for! From time to time our Board of Directors seeks to fill a seat with a community member whose industry and individual skill has been evaluated as valuable in advancing our overall mission. Our board currently is represented in mental health, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial business services. Perspective members are chosen thoughtfully and with the understanding that board service should provide the organization and the board member a mutually beneficial relationship.


Board service can provide an opportunity to:  

  • Develop deeper connections and expand your professional network

  • Increase and demonstrate your leadership skills through committee work or executive board positions

  • Raise your profile within your organization and the community through project successes

  • Strengthen project and team management skills

  • Refine presentation and public speaking skills by representing the organization to stakeholder and supportive organizations in the community

  • Provide a visible presence in supporting the community and aiding in economic development

  • Professional workforce development through experiential learning

  • Expanded work place diversity through experience in collaborative expression

  • Demonstrate and develop problem-solving skills team while building leaders who employ a creative approach to complex issues

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