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Upcoming Events

  • Impact!Mentor Program 2023
    Tue, Jan 03
    Over the course of 5 months, you will work with a partner through a series of thought-provoking modules that will propel your goals and career while committing to your own personal development.
  • 2023 Connect2Women Conference
    Thu, Sep 14
    Uniting women to celebrate, inspire and be inspired, and mentor others to become exceptional leaders for our current and future communities: this is our vision and each year we realize it in new and exciting ways.
  • Connect2Women - Virtual Summit Series Recorded Version
    This is a recording of past events
    Webinar and Zoom Platform
    This is the recorded version of the 2020/2021 Virtual Summit Series. Once a month, engage with women from across the state, the county, the world as we engage, inspire and impact one another! You get all the recordings for one cost!
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